Welcome to All Wood Crafters! We create fine custom wood products to fit your life. We will plan out each piece of furniture to match your unique style and personality. No two people are exactly alike and no two pieces of wood furniture should be either. Whether your preference is old-fashioned country or modern eclectic or anything in between, we can design and build the perfect furniture for you. On this site, there are many great examples of pieces we have built for others. Look around and then contact us to begin the process for the perfect piece or pieces for your home.


We are committed to creating quality wood products that people love. Whether it is a statement piece or furniture for everyday use, solid wood furniture withstands the test of time.

With more than 60 years combined experience, our craftsmen have the ability to build the quality furniture and decor that you will be proud to own for life.

We are a local small business founded by two men who have a passion to take the beauty of natural wood and turn it into quality furniture.

Let us work with you to create just the right piece or pieces of furniture for your home, office, or business.


We know that furniture is personal. It must fit who you are and how you live. We strive to create exactly what will serve your needs and style in a unique piece that will last. You want and deserve quality craftsmanship in your custom furniture. Whether it is a bed or a table or a statement piece in your home, let us create the custom wood product you desire.


It’s not just the furniture that makes your home uniquely you. It is all the little pieces and decor items that give it that personal touch. From occasional tables to wall hangings to cutting boards to special commission items we can help you add that perfect touch to your space.

Endless Possibilities

Since no two people are exactly the same, every project we do is unique. The possibilities are endless as to what can be created to fit your life. Contact us today to begin the process of your new custom wood product.