Coffee Connections Gateway – 3

Continuing with our latest commercial job, is this center standing counter.

It creates a great separator between the sale area and seating area without making the space feel smaller.

The frame is covered in tea stained shiplap.

The bar is a solid plank stained Jacobean and supported by 1″ black pipe legs.

The cap is a live edge locally sourced Red Oak slab coated in epoxy resin. we removed the bark from the live edge and gave it a light sanding so it would be smooth and not snag customers’ clothing.

Coffee Shop

This was a fun build. It is a local coffee shop in a converted house.

We built a custom point of sale and prep counter. Behind that is a custom built shelf unit for product display. We added shiplap in the café area along with bar height seating. The shelving and counters are stained using the color jacobean. The shiplap is stained using tea bags, steel wool, and vinegar.

We also built modular tables for the café seating area that can be combined for a lafrger table area or separated for individual end tables.

Laundry Room Organization

When you laundry room is also your main storage area, you need to be organized. For this project we built custom cabinets to provide a place for the client to use bins to keep all of their kids sports and activities equipment organized and accessible. Above the cabinet on the right is an additional hanging rod made of galvanized pipe for additional clothing storage.

By the washer and dryer, we enclosed the pipes and connections running along the wall. We added a hinged top for access to the pipes should it be needed. The counter tops are edge glued and stained ebony with a satin poly finish. We added an additional shelf below next to the dryer for additional storage. The client is using the large open space under the counter for their dog crate.

The legs are galvanized pipe as is the hanging rod above.

New Mantel and Floating Shelf

The transformation of this living space is drastic with the update to the fireplace. It required removing three shelves sticking out of the brick above the fireplace. The brick was painted white to provide the great contrast against the darkly stained new mantel. Once that was accomplished we were able to install the new wrap-around mantel.

The mantel even has a built-in recessed outlet for the TV which now changes above it. The mantel is oak and finished with Jacobean stain and semi-gloss polyurethane.

We also added a floating shelf on the opposite wall front he mantel.

What can we create to transform your favorite living space?

Floating Shelf

This floating shelf is made from reclaimed white oak.

Note that one end has a “waterfall” effect as the grain of the wood continues from the top shelf down the side.

We filled the knots with epoxy to add strength and give a smooth finish.

There is no stain as this is the natural color of the wood with oil and a clear satin poly finish.

We installed passthroughs in the wall for the TV cables.


Fireplace Surround

We really enjoyed this fun project. What a transformation the shelves, cabinets, and shiplap make! Plus, there are electric outlets inside the cabinets on both sides and cables run through the walls into one side cabinet for the TV to connect to devices.

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TV Stand

For this project, the client wanted a TV stand with “floating shelves”.

We started with weathered rough cut white oak and sanded each piece down. Each one is completely unique and has it’s own character. The support piece down the back is metal and has a channel for the cables to hide. the side shelves were custom designed to hold laptop computers for charging.

No stain was used. We applied a thick coat of teak oil to bring out the natural look to the wood grain.