Two in One

This was a big job as not required building two separate decks side by side in one yard.

There were some challenges to overcome with elevation, an existing concrete patio and the pool.

We added a access to the hose spigot complete with a hangar for the hose on the main deck.

The client wanted as unobstructed view as possible of the pool from inside the house. To accommodate this, the choice was made to go with stairs all the way across the front of the house deck. We also went with black aluminum railing on the pool deck as it is less intrusive visually than a wood railing would be and still meet safety and city code requirements. A storage bin was added under the pool deck to utilize the space and provide a place for longer pool floats.

The corner steps add a nice flair to the overall design.

Another satisfied client.

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Deck Replacement

Once the old deck was removed, we built a new deck in its place tying in to a part of the existing deck on the far end that did not need to be replaced. The client added steel cables for railing on the three section at the front left to have as unobstructed view of the river as possible.

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Composite Deck

This is a deck made from composite material for the decking, stairs, fascia, and railing. Composite is more expensive, but it requires almost no maintenance compared to treated lumber.

We used what is called a “picture frame” effect on the decking. It has two rows of darker decking that are a much darker color than the rest of the decking.

We are very pleased with the two-toned look of this deck and the contrasts it creates.

The client is very happy and will enjoy this deck for years and years to come.